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Why Are Titanium Watches So Popular?

Posted by Momentum Watches - October, 21

While usually associated with high performance or otherwise demanding requirements, Titanium, has recently found itself as a staple in the world of fashion and accessory design.

Atlas 32 TitaniumWhile usually associated with high performance or otherwise demanding requirements, Titanium, has recently found itself as a staple in the world of fashion and accessory design. We’re sure you’d agree this is not a place one would expect to find a metal that due to its extreme strength, draws its name from the pre-cursors of the Greek Gods; the Titans.

A mainstay in the production of Spacecraft and Military aircraft owing to its high strength, corrosion resistance and light weight, watch makers have begun to adopt this remarkable metal for the very same reasons.

Here are some other reasons why Titanium watches are so popular:

Very light in weight

It’s a well known fact that titanium is both extremely light and extremely strong. This means that it is easy to design large complex watches using titanium.

A lot of people prefer lighter watches because they do not interfere with the functioning of their arm. In the earlier days, it was assumed that lightweight watches were more appropriate for women. But with changing times and evolving trends, an increasing number of men are looking for lighter watch options too. This is one of the reasons why titanium watches are becoming extremely popular among men. They can remain largely unencumbered by their watch even if they often engage in a greater amount of physical work that needs their arm to be free.

Highly durable

Contemporary titanium watches are among the strongest ever made. A lot of them are treated with superior technology to render them highly scratch-resistant. The strength of titanium is 30 percent more than stainless steel and is also 45% lighter in weight. As a bonus, it is almost impossible for a titanium watch to rust. The metal can resist all acids with the exception of nitric acid (an acid which is rare in modern daily life). The corrosion resistance of titanium and platinum are in fact comparable.

Vortech GMT TitaniumGreat for under-water use

Titanium is composed of an oxide film, which does not allow the metal to rust or corrode. As far as usability is concerned, this makes Titanium watches a great option for divers and others who participate in underwater activities. Titanium can easily survive harsh environments. Watch manufacturers inform that a range of diver watches are made using titanium as the base metal. The water-resistance of the metal may vary from model to model.

An ideal metal to avoid skin allergies

Titanium is a hypoallergenic metal. This means that there are very few chances of it causing any skin allergies with perspiration, unlike other traditional metals. As opposed to stainless steel, titanium does not contain nickel. Nickel, while an integral part of stainless steel has the potential to cause skin rashes or allergies for some people. So if you’re looking to buy a luxury branded watch to make a bold fashion statement, a titanium watch is definitely a better choice.

Unique and trendy

Pathfinder III 40 TitaniumA titanium watch will guarantee that you stand out in a crowd, even if they are of the same style. How? Well, titanium cannot be mechanically molded into a specific shape in an automatic manufacturing system. Rather, it needs to be drilled and machined (typically a manual procedure) and this in turn gives it a noticeably different aesthetic.

Titanium is also known for its trendy and unusual color (a darker more matte silver-grey). This is another reason why several people prefer titanium to other metals such as stainless steel. Both platinum and stainless steels are white metals and enjoyed a lot of fame in the earlier part of the 21st century.

Titanium, also became extremely popular as a ‘rugged’ choice of material for watches designed for ‘harsh environment’ wear. With a titanium watch, you’ve got a great combination of style and functionality that won’t let you down.

Eco-friendly metal

It’s true that titanium is slightly more expensive than other metals such as stainless steel. However, ranges of moderately priced watches still have titanium as their key metal component, especially among watchmakers who place a lot of importance on durability. As mentioned earlier, a lot of outdoor watches make use of titanium because it is capable of resisting harsh conditions and does not rust or corrode easily. It is also an environmentally friendly metal since it can be quite easily recycled.

The unique properties of titanium make it the ideal metal for constructing high quality, trendy watches. Whatever your personal choice and budget, you will find yourself one that fits the bill perfectly.

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