Find Your Momentum

Do you prefer men's or ladies' style of watches?

When will you wear this watch the most?

These are our classic watches that look great with just about any outfit, in any type of situation.

These watches are on the more formal side. Slim, elegant and defined, they can be worn with a jacket and tie.

This is your T-shirt and jeans watch. It's durable and water resistant.

What Size of Watch Do You Prefer?

These sleek, vintage inspired watches have a case size of 38mm and below. For those with smaller wrists, this is your go-to size for comfortability and style.

With a case size of 38mm to 42mm, these watches are not too big and not too small. A majority of our signature watches are in this size category.

Watches in this size category are perfect for those with bigger wrists, with a case size of 42mm or above. Most larger watches are specialist dive or pilot models.

Your Momentum