MOMENTUM® offers a limited warranty on any manufacturing* defects as follows:

1. Regular Quartz (battery) models: 2 Years, renewable in 2-year increments, to a maximum of 6 years, when serviced by us.
2. LongLife Quartz models: 6 years from date of purchase. (Battery replacement every 2-3 years not required.)
3. Solar Quartz models: 6 Years from date of purchase. (charges by light; no regular battery replacement required.)
4. Automatic (self-winding, mechanical) models: 2 years, renewable in 2-Year increments to a maximum of 6 years from date of purchase.



MOMENTUM® offers a limited warranty on manufacturing defects* for a period of at least two (2) years (see previous page) after the original date of purchase from an authorized MOMENTUM® dealer. Please retain your purchase receipt as proof of warranty.

* Loss or damage caused by accident/impact, negligence, loss or theft, is excluded from the warranty. Moisture damage caused by failure to screw in the crown correctly is not covered under this warranty. Batteries, scratched or cracked crystals, and cosmetic deterioration of the case, strap, or bracelet caused by wear-and-tear are also excluded from the warranty.



Please contact your closest MOMENTUM® Service Centre for assistance. If you reside in North America, please call us toll free at (800) 663-1881, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Pacific Time or email watches@momentumwatch.com