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Gift Guide to Men’s Momentum Watches

Posted by Momentum Watches - December, 12

Picking the perfect gift for the guys in your life is never an easy task. With so many different gift options, how do you know which one is right?

Picking the perfect gift for the guys in your life is never an easy task. With so many different gift options, how do you know which one is right? If you are stuck on a gift idea, getting a special watch for any guy in your life is never a bad idea. After you have concluded a watch would make a fantastic gift, it’s time to decide which watch would be the best fit for whomever you are shopping for. With a watch to fit any lifestyle, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose the best watch based on what you think they might do with it. Here are a few of our top watches that would make great gifts for any guys still on your gift list.

M50-DSS 34 Black/Black 'Twist' Rubber WatchThe Diver

The M50 Rubber is our professional grade dive watch that has been proven to be the best by the Vancouver ERT and the Maryland State police force, just to name a couple. With an 8-10 year battery life, whoever wears this watch won’t have to worry about it failing them when the need it most. As it has been tested at depths up to 500 meters, he also wont need to think twice when wearing it into the neighborhood pool or the Atlantic Ocean. The Diver is also made out of sapphire crystal so he won’t need to worry about giving it a beating and could even get away with wearing it to the new steakhouse downtown and would fit right in.

1M-SP00W2CThe Everyday

For the more traditional man in your life, the Atlas 38 Leather may be a better fit. With a classic leather band in a variety of colors, the Atlas can be ordered in several different color ways so you can help them stand out with the wrist gear if that’s what they are going for, or not bring too much attention to themselves if that’s more their style. The leather is made to withstand the test of time and even sweat is no problem. With a watch as lightweight as the Atlas, he may even forget it’s on his wrist until he receives a compliment, or needs to tell time, of course!

1m-sp84b0The Adventurer

For the wild man in your life looking for an all-around quality watch, the all black Steelix would make the perfect gift. This watch was made to take a beating and has been tested at depths up to 200 meters. Machined from a block of solid 316L stainless steel, this watch is made to put up a fight at a great price. With 3 to 5 year battery life and an easy to read face, this is an all-around great watch for any man in your life. Make sure they won’t be alone on their next adventure with the all black Steelix!

1M-SP58L1BThe Traveler

For the man always on the move, the Vortech GMT could be a fantastic addition to any watch collection or a great beginning to one. With options in both titanium and Italian leather, the Vortech GMT looks as good as it is practical for any traveling man. The Vortech features an alarm function, which uses a ceramic resonator to make sure they won’t miss any important morning meetings while on the road. With the ability to track a second time zone, they will never feel too far from home. It has also been tested up to 100 meters so they won’t have to think twice about bringing it into the hotel pool at their most recent destination. The Vortech was also featured in Outdoor Magazine’s “Gear of the Year” list so you can be confident it can withstand even the most daring of travel adventures.

1M-SP10B0The Businessman

If there’s a man in your life who barely has time to change clothes between the boardroom and the next adventure, the Logic SS 42 Steel is just the watch for him. Not only does this watch look great enough to get an invite to the next board meeting, it was also built with the active man in mind as it’s more than capable of joining for the next outdoor adventure too, whatever that may be. With a minimalist style and 8.5mm casing, it is one of the world’s slimmest watches on the market.

As you can see, there are quite a few options when it comes to choosing the perfect for the guys in your life who seem impossible to shop for. Not only are watches extremely practical and stylish, they also make great gifts, as they will remind the recipient of the special person who got it for them. To make the best decision about which would be the best fit for them, take some time to think about their lifestyle and what kind of watch would best fit into their busy life.