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How to Pick the Perfect Travel Watch for Your Vacation

Posted by Momentum Watches - April, 07

As Summer fast approaches, people are planning their vacations around the world. Summer marks the peak season for travelers and a good watch is essential to any adventure.

From Vancouver to Tokyo our watches are designed to make any trip as seamless as possible. Each watch is customized for the modern explorer.

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Everyone wants something different from a watch but when traveling there are some features which are always useful:

(Pathfinder III shown above)

  • An alarm will help to wake you up or mark events (eg. flights, train times, etc...) when your phone has died
  • World time will allow you to easily adapt to different time-zones while knowing what time it is back home

  • A lightweight watch means more comfort for longer periods of time, meaning you won't want to remove your watch after a long day of travel.

(Vortech GMT shown above)

  • A high-ranking water rating and a screw-down crown ensure you never have to take your watch off or leave it in an unsecured area

  • And finally, the reliability that Momentum guarantees mean that you won't have your watch break down on you when you need it most.

(Format 4 shown above)

Do yourself a favor and wear a Momentum on your next trip. We make watches worth taking on life's boldest adventures.