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Watches We Wore Most in 2021

Posted by Momentum Watches - January, 05

As we begin 2022, we are taking a look back at the watches a few of our Momentum team members wore most in 2021.

As we begin 2022, we are taking a look back at the watches a few of our Momentum team members wore most in 2021.

Pascal, Operations: Aquamatic III Two-Tone

Aquamatic III
"My everyday watch is currently a Two-Tone Aquamatic III! I've always had a preference for automatic movements, as there is just something I am drawn to when looking at the craftsmanship in the mechanisms. The Aquamatic really suits my tastes; it's super durable, the perfect size for my wrist, and I love how it looks with almost anything I wear."

Dave, Watch Technician: VS-3

"The VS-3 is my go to watch. I use the alarm function daily. I also love having the Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass functions when I go on my hikes. Most of all, I enjoy the light-up display, which is super easy to read, day or night."

Austen, Digital Marketing: M20 GMT Diver

M20 GMT Diver

"When I first interviewed for Momentum, the M20 GMT Diver was just about to launch. Simon gave me a sneak peek and I knew I had to have it, regardless of how the interview went. Fast forward to now and it is the watch I wore most throughout 2021. It not only marks my beginnings at Momentum, but the amazing time I have had so far. Reliable Swiss movement, solid water-resistance, and a GMT function that gets me dreaming of travelling again soon."


Simon, CEO: Wayfinder GMT Black-Ion

Wayfinder GMT Black-Ion

"There are 3 key features that make it hard to take off my Wayfinder:

  1. Legibility: The simple dial design is uncluttered and so easy to read. The new black “velvet” dial finish, combined with the anti-reflective sapphire crystal boost the contrast and make the watch even easier to read at a glance.
  2. Luminous Performance: the multi-layer SuperLuminova luminous numbers and hands provide great lume, so I can still read the time easily in poor light, or even in pitch darkness, for several hours.
  3. Comfort: The solid titanium case is so light, I barely notice it on my wrist. The 40mm size is compact for my 7 ½” wrist, but looks just right, while the offset crown eliminates any “wrist-bite” when I exercise or work out.

Oh, and while this model looks great on our Italian leather BRAMANTE bands, I picked the red rubber GOMA strap to add a nice “pop” of color and match the red accents on the black-ion watch. The GOMA band is soft, flexible and completely waterproof – so I can shower and swim with my watch and not worry about the band."



Greg, Watch Technician: Atlas 44mm Lume Dial

"I wore the Atlas 44 lume dial sapphire on a deployant rubber band (band available soon). Great visibility and easy to read… Now I have the Wayfinder GMT on the same strap - again, great legibility day and night and I’m loving the size and light weight."


Chris, Operations Manager: Square 2 Chronograph

Square 2 Chrono

"When I choose the watch I wear, I want to be different. Nothing gaudy, just something cool that feels right on my wrist. The Square 2 Chrono fit the bill and then some for my watch of 2021 and was my daily driver."



Cahner, Social Media: Lugano


"The watch I wore most was the Lugano. I love the elegant design, and the leather strap ties the whole look together perfectly. I feel comfortable wearing it anywhere — whether it's on a hike or out to a nice dinner because I know the design is versatile and durable."