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Why a Momentum Chronograph?

Posted by Momentum Watches - March, 23

  1. Quartz movements offering accuracy in timekeeping
  2. Two pusher function for ease of use
  3. Feature screw-down crown systems and are rated to a minimum of 100M/330FT
  4. All have scratchproof sapphire crystal options (Flatline Chrono comes standard with sapphire crystal)
  5. Available on a wide variety of different bands to suit your lifestyle

We’ve all need to time something at some point or another; even if we’re just boiling an egg or keeping watch (pun intended) on a parking meter. So, if you really love the multi-dial design, or you’re a racing or aviation enthusiast – a chronograph watch needs to be in your future. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you choose the perfect timepiece! See more below.


Rated to 100M/330FT | 2-3yr battery | 42mm Case Diameter | Standard Sapphire Crystal | Brushed Steel Finish

Features a slimline case with a thickness of only 10.6mm - which is amazing for a full-feature, 100M/330FT rated Chronograph. The Stopwatch function is accurate to 1/20th of a second, with a timing range of 12 hours with an automatic rollover. A split timing feature allows you to record intermediate times at the touch of a button.




What is a Chronograph?

The term Chronograph is just a fancy word for a Stopwatch or timer.  The Chronograph movements we are using at Momentum have a two-button operation; these “pushers” start, stop and reset the timer function without interfering with the watch. The recorded time is read off sub-registers (or micro dials) found on the main dial of the watch. These micro dials count elapsed seconds, minutes and hours when the pusher is activated.



Rated to 100M/330FT | 4-5yr battery | 42mm Case Diameter | Standard Sapphire Crystal | Top Polished + Side Brushed Steel Finish

We've found there is a big demand for slimmer watches and this model also features a slim case measuring just 10.6mm in thickness - also rated to 100M/330FT. It might look like a dress watch, but this attractive timepiece is built to last. Available in a variety of different dial and band options including a gold version and a wood dial version.




Momentum - Since 1980

The Chronograph continues to keep its rightful place as one of the most popular and sought-after watches and we've been making them at Momentum since we started back in the 80's. Historically, the Chronograph first saw demand sky rocket after aviation was first introduced to the world as aviators relied on the precision time measurements for navigation.


Rated to 200M/660FT | 2-3yr battery | 47mm Case Diameter | Mineral Crystal (Sapphire Upgrade available) | Brushed Steel Finish

Features a beautiful 3D pyramid texture dial, an extra-large double action date, built to dive specification, and tested to 200M/660FT.  The Chronograph is accurate to 4 beats per second and uses a heart-cam reset system which gives the push-buttons a sold click action.




Our watches are here to stay.

With all the chatter about today’s technology replacing wrist watches, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if people aren't necessarily wearing watches to tell time, folks from all walks of life continue to jump on board and dive in to the world of watches because these objects persistently grow in to something more for us, a symbol of something nostalgic and personal. Some have been passed through the generations and have been cherished for decades. Others, are just beginning their journey and discovering meaning. Time ticks on...

Our customers tell us all the time they love their Momentum “because it looks great on my wrist and makes me feel good”.

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