M30 Automatic [44mm]



 Watch Size
Watch Thickness 15mm
Band Width 22mm
Movement Japanese, Seiko NH35
Glass Sapphire
Water Resistance 300m / 990ft
Battery Automatic


22mm Band Range

The M30 44mm can be customized with additional bands.

Check out the 22mm Band Range


The Automatic variation of our iconic M50. The M50 has gained a reputation for being a tough watch. Really tough. It is worn by some of the most demanding customers, from the Coast Guard to special military units, to police tactical teams. Many customers have requested an automatic watch with the same kind of reliability and durability as the M50.

So our design team took the distinctive, chiseled steel case of the M50 and combined it with one of the best-made, most reliable self-winding movements around. Featuring a curved, display case-back, ultra-hard sapphire crystal and offset crown position, the M30 is the no-nonsense automatic dive watch you can count on.

The M30 Family includes the MH30

This watch comes standard with or has the option for an ultra-hard, sapphire crystal. This is dramatically more scratch-resistant than regular mineral glass and virtually impossible to scratch, ensuring a crystal-clear view of the time, year after year!

For more information, visit: What's the benefit of Sapphire Crystal

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