Flatline Wallet - Black

The newest wallet in our collection, the Flatline features an ultra-slim design, with vegetable-tanned leather, RFID protection, clear ID window and room for your essential cards and cash. Due to its thin design, it is perfect for front-pocket-carry, or will slip easily into any pocket.

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  • 6 card holders (4 open and 2 hidden)
  • Slim design
  • Italian leather
  • Vegetable tanned
  • Clear ID window
  • RFID protection
Flatline Wallet - Black
Flatline Wallet - Black
Slim, Compact Design

The Flatline Wallet is perfect for front-pocket carry. It is slim but can pack a lot. The Flatline Wallet features 6 card holders (4 open and 2 hidden), RFID protection, clear ID window, and plenty of room for cards or cash. All while it can slip easily into a suit jacket.

Flatline Wallet - Black
Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanning uses bark, leaves and branches from trees and plants to add natural tones to the leather. The tanning involves a gentle process over several weeks of treatment that allows the leather to age better and last longer than chrome-tanned leather. The natural process means that the leather will develop a rich patina with use, so your wallet actually looks better over time. Each piece made with this natural leather has its own unique shades & nuances, making your wallet uniquely yours.