DSS: Deep Sea System Collection

The Deep Sea System is our toughest collection to date. Each watch in this series is water resistant to 1000ft+, comes standard with sapphire crystal, and features a fortified steel case. This collection has been designed for professional ERT, Military, and tactical use, and have been adopted by Vancouver ERT, Maryland State Police, and other tactical units across North America. 


QUARTZ – powered by batteries

If you’re looking for something simple and accurate, the you can strap on and forget it’s on your wrist for years, and that can take a licking and keep on ticking then a Quartz movement is for you. Electrical currents from the battery vibrate a quartz crystal at a precise frequency that allows for great accuracy. Our M50 model houses a special movement that prolongs the life of the battery, the long-life Battery System offers approximately 8-10years between battery changes. Quartz movements offer a higher accuracy rating and are typically accurate to +/-1 second per day.


AUTOMATIC – powered by you

If you want a piece of true craftsmanship on your wrist, something steeped in tradition with high-quality parts, meant to be serviced and fine-tuned for years to come, then an Automatic movement is for you. A self-winding Automatic movement takes the energy your body generates and converts that into energy to power for your watch. Batteries not included… or needed!

The M30 features a display glass back, while the MH30 has both a display glass back and an ‘open heart’ window at the 10 o’clock position allowing for a great view in to the working movement. Automatic watches are outstanding inventions. So many minuscule parts such as gears, springs, screws, and small jewels all work together to keep you on time. While the accuracy of an automatic can vary depending on certain factors (age, temperature, magnetism, frequency of use), generally you can expect an accuracy of +/-25 seconds per day.

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